Welcome to Medici!

About us
We offer practical assistance to your company when you want to set up business or when you think about expansion in Germany. Medici introduces you to all the facets of the German and EU corporate environment and business practice and supports you with our intensive network of contacts in the public and private sectors. Further we assist you in locating suitable sites for manufacturing, R&D, headquarters and back-office operations. Medici offers services and assistance to you and your business needs and guides you through a broad range of features of the business location Germany and the EU.

Why doing business in Europe?
How can you go about reaching the over 728 million people living in Europe over 450 million of which live in the European Union (EU)? Whether you want to sell, distribute, or communicate with this market, or simply employ some of the wide variety of skilled workers here to serve your needs in other parts of the world, or both, there is a perfect location for you. What you need to know is that locations throughout Europe are anticipating your expansion and have extensive resources available to you to make sure you hit your targets and prosper beyond what you thought was possible. You'll need data, projections, financial incentives, commitments, assistance with local procedure, and more. And you get it all from Medici.